Baidu is the four black portal flow will be reduced by 5% Baidu or a blessing in disguise

January 12th, Baidu today 7 points was black led to a large area of access barriers, some provinces and cities can not be accessed, affected by this, the portal traffic greatly affected.

according to a portal of a center director revealed that the current search engine portal to bring easy fashion show traffic accounted for about 20%, some even accounted for 40%, of which Baidu to bring traffic to account for 70%, Google greater than 20%, the rest is soso, Sogou bring. The sources, in several major portals, the larger flow of Tencent, Sina suffered less traffic will decline about 5%, while the influence of the Sohu and the NetEase will have large, traffic will decrease by about 10%.

analysis of the people, due to the long time to visit the barrier Baidu, from tomorrow’s Alexa Rankings, the domestic portal will generally decline.

According to a

Internet analyst said, Baidu access barriers, Baidu may be a blessing in disguise, portal to let oneself, cannot do without Baidu, this event will highlight Baidu’s position in the industry.

traffic will reduce a lot of easy fashion network

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