n the acquisition of Eddie star perfect personal portal strategy

Beijing Zhongsou online software Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the world’s first search) acquisition of "webclippings technology" love flute star Polytron Technologies Inc, said the search will be fully integrate their technology, to further improve the strategic chain of the main business of "personal portal", provide a better experience in the personal portal.

personal portal is a platform for aggregation of Internet content and service applications, users customize their own personal interests through the portal to share information, to achieve interactive. Personal portal is the channel between the user and the Internet service, will become the user access to the Internet, access to Internet resources.

said the search for the establishment of personal portal platform, excellent, need a variety of Internet technologies, including ensuring the user access to information search technology, micro technology personalization and the realization of network interactive IM technology, personalized browser etc.. At present, the search in the two areas of search technology and micro technology in the world leading position. The acquisition of love flute star, is to provide personalized services for users, to do more comprehensive and high quality.

about love flute star

Founded in 2005,

has been the world’s leading web clipping technology in Canada (which has filed a patent application in the United States and China). The company developed a browser based Internet information management platform, defined as "I desktop". In search of the "personal portal" products, the application of this technology will be integrated, in order to achieve higher quality and personalized service, help improve the search strategy of the personal portal chain.

On the search of

search (http://s.www.zhongsou.com) is a leading provider of personal portal, also has the world’s leading micro element (widget) technology in the search engine and Micro Technology launched personalized Internet Service — Based on the personal portal.

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