The domestic group purchase entered a rapid elimination period for misappropriating listed part of t

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, online shopping moon cake has become the choice of many young people. However, compared with last year to buy unpopular market, this year seems to be some deserted. Outdoor and television advertising also confirms this: the beginning of the subway and bus can be seen everywhere buy site advertising, recently reduced a lot. Some analysts believe that in a bustling "group purchase website leader, perhaps will usher in the winter".

many buy site can not do it down

now, a lot of buy site can not go on." Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong said. It is understood that, in August 19th, Groupon and Tencent joint venture group purchase site Gaopeng, began a large-scale layoffs in Shanghai, and in 20 the city layout layoffs.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the 2010 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report shows that as of the end of 2010, the number of online group buying up to 1880. Group purchase, a new model of e-commerce extremely rapid development of this 2010, why only a year after "face", whether it is the growth rule of


"group purchase website in 2010 can be said to start from zero explosive growth, from April to March last year, the first half of this year is the initial stage, the low entry threshold, many entrepreneurs have joined, rapid increase in the number of enterprises, the rapid growth of market size." Chen Shousong said.

before the outbreak of the industry to buy a bit similar to the portal before and after the dispute in 2000, we have staking. After thousands of war after the baptism, the entire industry has been positioning stage. Thousands of domestic buy site has nearly 40% declared bankruptcy." Handle network (micro-blog) President Wu Bo said.

according to the research data from Analysys International, the chain point of view, since July this year, the overall appearance of group purchase website decline in trading volume, user activity decreased, reduce the frequency of purchase, financing into the bottleneck, accelerate the small and medium-sized enterprises have been eliminated the phenomenon of group purchase rate.

affected by the overseas capital markets, some of the group purchase network financing difficulties

due to the recent encounter many buy site, buy site operations into the winter, said the diffuse.

some sites before the promotion too dependent on capital, the speed of development, the scale does not follow the laws of Commerce, more than the needs of consumers and their management capabilities. But the winter is the problem of the enterprise, not the industry." Tick group (micro-blog) President Song Zhongjie (micro-blog) said.

"group purchase website or individual lose money to do the project, is actually the industry bubble. Small group purchase website is currently most without enough funds, may be "winter."." Wu Bo judgment.

by overseas capital markets, financing is difficult. Coupled with the early growth is too fast to digest the early rise in space, now encountered a bottleneck period. In fact, as early as this year

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