Simple logic to see why the nternet 11

most people like to use adjectives to describe things, and rational people like to use logic to reason. Some people can break out of things, and directly to the essence of every hue, and through a simple logic, quickly concluded that this is a rare ability. Although most of the time, this type of reasoning is no more than 3 steps, the logic is no more than "because – so", or "if – so". A senior Internet I respect, have the ability of such incisive logic.

1, why Baidu traffic is higher than Sina, but Baidu brand advertising revenue as Sina? Why QQ traffic is higher than Sohu QQ portal advertising revenue as Sohu?

because the brand advertising is based on 1) has the quality of traffic and users, as well as the 2 media influence. Only the content of the media is valuable, if there is no media attributes, will not constitute a valuable flow. Of course, only the word of mouth or influence is absolutely not, no position, where public opinion?

2, why Sohu and Sina in the face of personal customer service is not successful?

because their genes are for customer service, is to enhance the customer’s brand value and alive; and consumer need and client need completely different. Sohu’s strong department is the sales department, and Baidu’s strong department is the product department. I heard that Baidu’s product VP for consecutive years to maintain the daily search for the habit of 1000 words.

3, the next 3-5 years, China’s huge portal pattern may be Sina + Baidu +QQ, after 5 years is likely to be the world of Baidu and QQ.

because Baidu and QQ to absorb the cost of new users is much lower than Sina, while they attract new users much faster than sina. What they need to do is how to upgrade their huge flow platform for media influence platform, and 5 years, enough to allow them to complete this transformation. Now that QQ is the fastest growing portal, the entertainment and sports channels have been particularly impressive, and Baidu has got the news license. What does it want?

4, the Chinese website is nothing more than the model of 1) free mode or 2) charging mode.

free mode of revenue sources is nothing more than advertising, or 1) brand advertising, such as Sina Sohu, or the result-driven () advertising, such as Baidu. The only area in the Chinese charging mode of success is the game (wireless only charge channel only), because the site is still in the China information + entertainment era, commercial era has not come, Taobao is not free. If you can’t charge, start looking for your advertisers. Zhou Hongyi’s QIHOO, what is the pattern?!

5, what is the purpose of entrepreneurship?

is nothing more than IPO or be acquired. If >

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