The website promotion method of the next generation

yesterday I published several feel website promotion methods inside the "three you think network promotion method" has been good enough, some good friends not to say. Look at the inside of the comments, the feeling is so beautiful. But who is sure that there will be no better way to promote the network today to go to a museum is really a lot of harvest.

I love this person will make blind and disorderly conjectures. No matter what you do, when you do this, think of something else. Qiao said to have, go to the library to look at the book, just think I recently updated the article is about the network promotion, so he stood there to read to the website of two minds. A sudden inspiration, found a very good website promotion methods, and can find very accurate visitors. Give a little time to think about it, and think about your brain…


okay, not everyone’s appetite. The method is very simple to put your website advertising to write in a note, and then find the related books, put your notes folder on the inside, a book is best to clip a few pieces, this is the probability of others see. But in my personal experience, before I read in the school library, the first time to get the book must first turn over the book. So put a few more notes than in order to increase the exposure rate, but we cannot guarantee that you see this note will take it for themselves. After all, this is not the general advertising, but beyond 99% of the owners of thinking. I believe this note see 90% students will use computer or mobile phone to see this is a what kind of website theadvertising so cattle B.

well, finish line, I have to say a line on the same amazing method. This time I don’t give you time to think. Because this is likely to reveal your IQ! Just kidding! Please my loyal readers don’t take it personally. Method is a platform that you just graduated from. When it comes to the idea of people began to shoot the table. Why, because it’s a really good idea. If you can not think, then I quietly tell you here, that is the online recruitment platform. The recruitment is not can be evaluated by the recruitment unit? I know every resume on the Internet friends will go to see the business review, is to make a fuss in the evaluation is, you know, ha ha. If you want to find the site in this area, it is not easy to search, website construction, website graphic design, website SEO, or network promotion etc.. In a word, you can find a lot of results in front of you. Your ad comments will not be deleted, here we do not consider, after all, this is a new way of thinking.

website promotion method is always, as long as you are willing to use your rusty head. If you have other people can not think of the way, it is not necessarily a good method, because the method is to be executed after the method can be