Discussion on the marketing strategy of template net

recently put a lot of effort put in one of my template online, through traffic analysis, summed up a template of network marketing strategy, estimated that many master already know, but I still take you. Of course, this strategy does not necessarily have to be a template to use smart network, you can be sure of one, I said here just a website operation ideas.

has a lot of free stuff on the Internet, but there are many more people looking for free resources. Ha ha, did not listen to the free thing is also very expensive?. He spent some time to make a "semi-finished products" (meant) template, wrote many instructions, of course, is also very trivial I web site "clever" added, in addition to the statement of the use of this free template friends please add a link to me (this according to the policy true gentleman, ha ha!). And in the template, the default link points to my template nets. Of course, when these then use templates will certainly get rid of, and then very dirty, and in some of the pictures in the description of the ALT, some Dongdong, ha ha, some do not pay attention to forget. This will get a lot of anti chain opportunities.

Chen Anzhi teacher said, everything initiative! I am a faithful believer, I am very active to the software network, template nets, Adsense nets and so on the relevant website, registered account, release template. On the one hand, you can link back to my own site, increase the anti chain; on the other hand, also promote the template network itself business. I heard that there are mass software, like a product as mass, this thing I have not used, but also do not dare to use, used to introduce a friend, thank you……

said above, this template is semi-finished products, in fact, the finished product. There are some channels of the template is free, you have to download the line, the trouble into my template nets (hey hey, flow ah flow. Of course, these have a prerequisite, that is, your template is really doing a good job. Or it may be counterproductive Oh!

is the use of this strategy, the site’s anti chain, IP traffic growth is more obvious. I was in a software company, they are through the free software strategy, free software trial code must go to the company with the website login, and such as customer service request, the flow do high, and find a lot from prospective customers. Perhaps you will say, I am a hardware device, I do the service experience, I do information portal…… In fact, I think the same, you can think about it, there will be a breakthrough.

source: unigarden network

address: www.mobansheji.com

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