Constellation goddess was 30 million yuan A round of investment


constellation goddess culture media Co., recently officially announced, left Yu capital lead investor, Mizuki capital, millet, Wei Yue venture joint investment A round of financing totaling 30 million yuan, Pre A round of investment for the entertainment workshop, two rounds of financing more than 50 million yuan. It is reported that the funds will be used for data development and new media video content intelligent astrological team expansion and layout.


constellation goddess culture media limited by actor Mo Xiaoqi and senior manager and a producer in the end of 2014 co founded, committed to creating a constellation of packaging in the new media video content and social constellation APP, build online constellation ecological chain sharing. The constellation goddess culture media at the end of 2015 launched the first domestic constellation of social reality show "strongest Star Wars", by virtue of contemporary young people hot topic "constellation" and sophisticated production standards, in a single platform Youku playback volume exceeded 150 million times, the average single set playback volume 14 million times.

in addition to "Star Wars" strongest, constellation goddess culture media this year will be in the new media video on the Mo Xiaoqi show "extensive layout:" off the constellation chess talk hosted, adding elements upgrade to "live up to the constellation constellation chess"; for the packaging debate variety show "Twelve star" on the meeting. The social hot topic to discuss; emotional urban comedy network drama "theme of female guests as slag cheats" to nowadays, women entrepreneurs, under the influence of the Internet people love the concept of reflection; and according to the film adaptation of the novel "how far is" a light in the distance, is currently in the script writing stage. In addition, the company will also open up the agency in 2017.

it is understood that Mo Xiaoqi won the Australian Macquarie University Financial Accounting Master, who presided over the "cross-border" constellation chess talk, "see" two star chess sign video program, relying on professional knowledge and humorous speech constellation "constellation goddess" in the world. Graduated from the Department of journalism, the current study Dingding culture media CEO constellation goddess in business administration at the National University of Singapore, was a well-known show business marketing experts, participate in the "heart lock Jade Palace", "The Legendary Swordsman" explosion models and television dramas, as Yu Zheng studio director to create a brokerage, many popular idol star. The founder of the constellation goddess team not only has two well versed in constellation ecosystem and entertainment communication, also has many BAT work experience, and there are 4 professional astrologer APP modulation, program setting link control.


constellation goddess founder Mo Xiaoqi said: "this round of financing will be used to develop intelligent astrological data and expansion of new media video content team and constellation ecosystem layout. At present, the company a number of business lines in parallel, in addition to the video business has also created a constellation of social APP ‘star honey’ for precipitation video users, user interaction through the APP program process. When the user reaches a certain number, it will be moved

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