WeChat public platform marketing

network marketing development for 10 years, the marketing team is constantly expanding, constantly trying new marketing methods, the Internet and WeChat, is what we need to study now, WeChat debut three years, have more than 600 million of the trial users, visible WeChat is how powerful! With the increasing trend of WeChat users group more and more businesses, smell the opportunity, have to use WeChat to do the promotion, and promotion of WeChat platform better than the public number. Public number is becoming more and more popular, anyone can register to open their own public accounts, but how to promote the correct number of public WeChat is a lot of people doubt

followed by the introduction of small series look down!


, the public number can be through what method of marketing, with small knowledge: public number plus powder, add text reading, increase forwarding share, to increase the original reading, these ways can you spread a lot of information, the current WeChat two development, so WeChat marketing becomes more meaningful



share is one of the important means of marketing, sometimes in a very short time gather a high popularity, WeChat marketing first work is rich in WeChat public account (subscription number and service number) of the background content, including the arrangement of enterprise information industry information + + knowledge + interactive content, the author as an example. Each editor of a high quality integrated paste (mainly industry soft, it is best to target customers interested in the topic) update in the public background, however have focused on the public accounts of small trigger problems to access this information click, then circle of friends to share, share the best cycle control in a Monday article in this method but forwarding the amount is very small

is the starting point, how to achieve a greater amount of forwarding and clicks? After looking me a period of study, found that in fact still should make use of some of the more reliable third party platform to spread their operation! By force, is not enough, Bo Yang WeChat marketing platform. I believe many people have heard that it is at science and Technology (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at an accurate interactive marketing) one-stop marketing http//pomg.softweibo.com WeChat to promote public number, the effect is very good! Can customize the settings of graphic reading, increase the forwarding share, the original amount of reading, can spread a lot of sharing the information of the enterprise, based on the author’s personal experience, marketing effect is very good! This is more suitable for the catering industry, hotels, cosmetics and beauty shop, reason Self searching.

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