These content is omnipotent but your castrated

no matter what kind of content, there will always be "content homogenization" such an embarrassing stage. For example, APP, TV programs, newspapers, magazines, websites, news client, WeChat public number, etc., to follow suit (plagiarism) imitation (pseudo original) addiction, simply can not stop. Some are good at foreign language translation, Dave confidently works, do not leave a thank you.

when his work was taken away people silently, also shameless, around a trickster, feeling like clothes stripped, still alive by leaching the urine, gas fire and seven evil experience to kuangtu. So, as experts and scholars so conservation of the people sometimes can not help but open tear force, even to the remotest corners of the globe after times justice.

, however, it’s not what you’re worth. There is a kind of content, like pig meat, take out the dress up can attract a lot of chowhound, bite, feel satisfied, but soon feel greasy, and often eat is not good for the body, because of its nutritional value is very low. But you have to throw it away, it’s kind of a pity. They can easily be mobilized in various channels before, but never be held accountable. Such a thing, I call it universal content.

what is universal? That will only provoke people but not deeply influence the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, people’s feelings and thinking of the content.

so what are the universal content?

here are some examples. Universal content includes but is not limited to the following:

chicken soup

who drink a bowl would shout fun, especially at night when the. Whether it is financial gossip sports technology, you can see their shadow in various places, a high rate of appearance, but also can click rate. It is home travel, Bo eye essential medicine.

diet regimen

with the broad and profound Neijing, your eating and sleeping are thoroughly studied. This is related to his body, many people could not help but look, so they also get in by every opening. The basic routine is: man kidney Qiangjing, woman beauty.

men and women story

live a lifetime, there is only one story is not tired of how to see, that is the story of men and women. Men and women, which is the root of all human curiosity, but also all the love and hate of seed, even the master, undisturbed All is void cannot avoid lying gun.


this is a hand piece is rampant and funny than raging in. A dream of Red Mansions to feed a large number of experts, one does not know how many Internet feed scripts joke are listed.

security warning

"to tell the people around you, don’t let more people deceived / abused, this is probably the most urgent mode, the atmosphere was.

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