How to evaluate e commerce system

today in Shanghai webmaster forum to see a good article, special pick to share with you, hoping to bring some friends harvest.

friends often ask, what kind of electronic commerce system better? This question makes me a little depressed, because I only used shopxp shop system, facing all kinds of e-commerce sites in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, not personally test site, a little embarrassed.

believes that there is a lot of hope to develop electronic commerce and do not want to re develop the site friends all have this question, the sea breeze is on its own some superficial experience, how to evaluate e-commerce sites to share, you can also through this idea to evaluate, see what kind of electronic commerce system is a little better.

1 functionality.

Most of the

users to evaluate the main factors of e-commerce sites are functional sites, in order to meet the diverse needs of users, the electronic commerce website function must be complete, sort, cookies, session to product search results, to the entire shopping process etc..

2 security.

security with the website server where the relationship is a little bit more, but some basic measures still need to have a website, such as strict code, whether the security protocol to transmit user data, transaction data, such as the secure socket layer (SSL).

3 compatibility.


electronic commerce website must consider all potential users of the client configuration, the browser and operating system compatibility is very important, a good e-commerce website is certainly on the mainstream browser, are compatible with a variety of operating system.

4 performance.

The reaction rate of

electronic commerce website must be in the user response time can be received within the performance here mainly refers to the performance of the database, the page code size, can generate static pages, the database design is reasonable, the total volume is small, the static pages are factors of the website. In addition, the database type also has a certain impact, in general, should try to avoid using the Access database.

5 scalability.

The requirements of

users are not static, and the scalability of the function is the premise to meet different needs. Scalability can be understood about whether the e-commerce system has a large number of available third party plug-ins, such as the powerful WordPress system is the key to the success of the third party plug-ins.

6 availability.

e-commerce website interface must be logical, accessible, intuitive. The system should allow users to visit the happy and efficient, so that each user access to the site to understand and use the e-commerce system. In the choice of e-commerce system, you can call a few people together to test their availability.

7 search engine optimization.

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