How to do tracking and extrapolation Professional extrapolation platform sharing

can click on my recent article, I think 80% should be the same as I do the work of network marketing colleagues. But I am sure that at least 60% more do not know how to do daily tracking extrapolation, again and again repeated with a keyword you are not already feeling bored? Then you must not miss me next to write about.

repeated with articles I think whoever will feel tired, but this is not the most terrible, the most terrible is even repeatedly with the article do not see the effect, those who do not know what’s not useful, for the future development was a blank, and this is because do not know how to track extrapolation situation. So here I want to tell you a very simple method, we learn later, will know how to do the tracking extrapolation, will get rid of the above mentioned repeated articles do not know the useless work practice.

we all know that the results of a query is not only slow, but the effect is poor, the speed can not keep up with the progress, so I suggest that we do not have to manually query method. Here I recommend one of the most used professional extrapolation platform, with which we will no longer have to effort to study how to do tracking extrapolation. This platform is called cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system, is developed by well-known software developers at Shanghai science and Technology Co. Ltd., and can be used to track the location of keywords and ranking effect, so as to quickly find a favorable platform for the promotion of the network, make the extrapolation more smoothly and orderly, is now the industry utilization rate a software of the highest.

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