Talking about how to use the synchronous micro blog to launch the website marketing


marketing has been recognized is more convenient website marketing, but if not many micro-blog fans, everything is empty! Let’s talk about how to make web marketing through the "micro-blog sync" way.

a, what is synchronous micro-blog

so-called micro-blog synchronization, that is, if the user has more than one micro-blog account, the user in a micro-blog above the statement can be displayed simultaneously on other micro-blog.

synchronization micro-blog benefits I do not say, you know, ha ha. You are better than copy, paste to save much of it, everything is automatic.

two, which tools can achieve synchronous micro-blog

At present, there are three kinds of mainstream

(at least I have ever used), the first is follow5, you can sync to twitter, whisper, do, everyone, Sina micro-blog etc.. Second is a micro-blog, you can sync to twitter, Phoenix micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog, micro-blog,, Sina, micro-blog, etc.. Third mobile 139 lobbyists can bind 9911 micro-blog micro-blog, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, Sohu, NetEase watercress etc..

I was with 9911

before micro-blog to achieve synchronization, recently found 139 good lobbyists. The reason is very simple, with 139 lobbyists can be automatically synchronized to the micro-blog 9911, and micro-blog 9911 and automatically sync to twitter (I did not try), micro-blog, micro-blog, Phoenix Sohu NetEase micro-blog, Sina micro-blog etc.. 139 lobbyists can synchronize to the Sohu such as micro-blog, micro-blog and some would turn two times (the content is only a few good results, micro-blog). But with 139 lobbyists a note of caution, is the content of the post limit is 350 words, but the content of other micro-blog word limit of 140 words. Therefore, please only send 139 lobbyists 140 words (words that occurred) article, otherwise there will be a link.

three, sync micro-blog how to use the effect of

I was lucky in the Sina micro-blog

real name authentication (Nanjing lawyer ten sword a small number), "V", so there are a lot of fans, currently more than 2 thousand. Therefore, this is basically my blog base. In general, I in addition to reprint of others if the original micro-blog, micro-blog, general in the 139 or 9911 micro-blog lobbyists, it will automatically sync to several other micro-blog I, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and everyone is happy (the more I do not bother to apply).

my site is legal website, there are more legal news and legal information, I often put some of the more classic or "shocking" law news adapted into a short text (or less easy), then add the content in the website of the link above, it as a small micro-blog.

, in fact, has become a virtuous circle, micro-blog + +

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