Wang Xiaofei’s Tmall international store opened in April flagship Taiwan goods

news March 29th, learned billion state power network, CEO, former South Beauty Group Guangdong Anna technology logistics company (hereinafter referred to as Anna Technology) revealed in micro-blog CEO Wang Xiaofei day before, under the name "nine fair" Tmall international flagship store will be officially opened on April.


Wang Xiaofei micro-blog screenshot

Wang Xiaofei micro-blog said, as early as last July, the leading Lake university students visit, he had decided to do a major selling Taiwan commercial platform for cross-border electricity supplier in Tmall international.

According to

billion state power network to understand, to lead the university students to visit Lake Taiwan, Wang Xiaofei also revealed that the hotel industry and tourism industry, cross-border electricity supplier will be his future career center three.

later, Wang Xiaofei announced in November last year has accepted Xinyi technology hired as chief brand officer of the company. At the time, Wang Xiaofei was in the micro-blog confirmed in the Senate vote and concurrently Xinyi technology brand director, this paper revealed the Xinyi technology and Ali will cooperate on-line cross-border related business, the main business of Taiwan commodity. The micro-blog Tmall mentioned in the international flagship store business is likely to continue for the program.

at the same time, Wang Xiaofei also in the last year and Xinyi technology chairman Xing Wei and a partner in the Taiwan set up a new company, named "nine market". The company name is the name of the Tmall micro-blog flagship store.

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