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network will be limited to trading and selling black list "list"

Industrial and Commercial Bureau

[TechWeb] reported on April 17th news, for the recent network selling phenomenon, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that this year will be severely hit the counterfeit goods, the establishment of the network and selling the blacklist, and increase penalties on the network and selling behavior. The blacklist of online shops will be limited to a certain period of time online and offline transactions.

also, in addition to increase the punishment on the discovery of the network and selling, will also have many online or offline selling, will take restrictive measures on it. At the same time, the business sector also intends to intentionally provide convenient conditions for the network and selling third party platform to increase penalties.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau trademark office director Sun Kaoli said that this year the business sector’s focus is on the various types of market of counterfeit goods hit, including clothing, auto parts, building materials and other small household appliances market.

the key market district: Hongqiao market, Yongwai market, zoo wholesale market, Providence market, Wantong market, Maliandao market, Zhongguancun electronic market, Shibalidian building materials market, silk market and Muxiyuan district. (rain)

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