The next 5 years doubling vip com this year is to Crazy


] April 17th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, to become the third pole of the retail electricity supplier recently convened a secret a number of well-known brands, collusion 2015 plans, and put forward in the next five years, sprint compound annual growth target of 100%.

according to the brands revealed that’s ambition is great, especially in its good field of clothing, not only reflect on last year’s business, also proposed a more practical Imagination: such as the weakening of excessive marketing, strictly control the number of businesses, open data circulation, and according to the needs of business innovation brands.

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in this communication, the brand can clearly feel the sincerity of place, from more innovative initiatives. hopes to develop more new models that can match the needs of the brand." A casual clothing brand official said the electricity supplier to billion state power network.

for example, in cooperation with traditional brands, will launch the OXO mode. Brands can be the traditional line of stores in the data transfer, find the relative concentration of the online shopping crowd, and for them at 7 points to 10 points for marketing, and take the line through this channel potential volume of stock. According to the description of the business, claimed to be able to do within 200 thousand hours of -30 million yuan of water, which is equivalent to the next line stores a few months of sales.

"OXO" Tmall compared to the previous O2O strategy is more like a traditional brand tailored "Internet plus" thinking. In view of the traditional retailers, the largest brand benefits, i.e. short sale will not impact the line. The new proposed OXO, its purpose is to solve the problem of the stock of the brand line, to promote the use of online brands can better use of information technology, precision guidance consumer groups. wants to say goodbye to the old through some detours, to help brands to fast track way to see the effect, rather than a stock to roll repeatedly in the above." Business frankly.

at the same time, make brands quite gratified is, is also the first time that he will thaw data, such as user portrait, consumers open path and other large data to businesses, so that businesses can learn more about’s customers, to achieve efficient linkage.

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billion state power network to understand, after never to businesses to share any data associated with the user’s business, can only see in the water, but as for the goods to the user and information, is firmly in control of closed database.

addition, also has a strong interest in Internet brands. From the list of participants are visible, including the original Taobao brand early, including starry, Liebo, aqua, pink doll, seven princess, fairy bag etc..

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clothing products natural way"

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