How to locate tourism enterprises

door family tourism integrated business website

today, most of the travel agency in the first site, will find one of the most famous local tourism website for reference, this site is the main nine out of ten such a basic architecture: Home / hotel / ticket booking / (car) / (conference services) / resort (or divided into local tourism / domestic travel / trips abroad) / forum or message board, except the home page and forum, several other content of the module is called the general travel agency business, the purpose of such sites is the business enterprise comprehensive display to the customer, and provide the perfect forum membership function and interaction (such as forum etc.), we are accustomed to this kind of website called the door travel apartment layout.

however, smaller enterprises pay attention please, this website is to maintain the cost of manpower and time, if the initial layout planning is not good enough, and the update is not positive, such sites are often lost in the network of the sea, because of "the most part of the contents of long-term not update, search engine a large number of expired information hard to filter out valuable information, and the guest is not easy to fast search to the products they need.

therefore, the website is only suitable for large-scale travel agency business, the company must have at least five or more full-time website operation team, business executives, customer service, marketing, art, programming and other functions of the job one less, to ensure that the internal page is updated daily, in a level of at least one page the week is updated, full-time online customer service to timely answer guest questions (non professional also never mind, the key is to be able to do the first time appeared in front of the guests), after receiving orders to the first time response (many guests is not patient, probably after only 5 minutes he was on another website on orders). Also, it’s important to be on duty at night. Many travel plans are made at dinner time.

development of a tourism website may not have the door apartment layout is too high a price thousands of yuan, may be able to manage, but if you do not put this several times in the promotion and maintenance costs, website development may be a never able to reclaim the cost.

special business website

so, for small travel agencies or travel agencies concerned, whether it is to give up the tourism e-commerce market, but it may not, in fact, the most practical platform or special service website. For example, reservation, this industry is deep, it can be said that 80% of the travel agency is starting from booking service. Because the reservation service cost is the lowest, as long as there is a website and a line can carry out business. At the other end of the network, the guests do not know the size of your business, the hotel also regardless of the level of your qualifications, there is room to live, there are passengers on the next.

air ticket booking network is more simple, as long as the purchase of a ticket query interface, a few hundred dollars cheaper (but I do not recommend the price of selected products), and even the work of updating the maintenance of the province.


reservations and booking service content is relatively single, especially the latter.

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