Chen ou jumei com overseas purchase is too hot lead was hacked

Chen ou: overseas purchase is too hot lead to frequent black

[TechWeb] January 7th news reports, recently, nearly a hundred reporters received an anonymous e-mail on the United States overseas purchase business bid. A person claiming to be a former employee of the United States overseas business, said the United States purchase unsolicited overseas fake cosmetics checked, overseas business has been shut down. This email content from first to last have emphasized the United States overseas business has suffered major setbacks, unable to maintain.

and Ye Fei senior vice president of micro-blog and official sounding rumor, Chen Ou micro-blog have also issued a statement, the tone of ridicule said this broke and suggested that the United States It is sheer fiction., because of the recent overseas business unpopular, institutions behind trader to discredit.

, according to a number of U.S. executives said that since mid December, poly America’s overseas business will refresh record every day.

today at 1 in the morning, in response to former employees, Chen Ou released micro-blog said, today’s overseas business and record breaking".

in June last year, low-key on-line sea Amoy website overseas purchase in December 16th last year, Chen Ou also worked at micro-blog revealed the overseas purchase planning called "speed duty-free shop" will be the main mode of the United States purchased the sea. It is understood that the future of the United States and Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places of cooperation in the bonded area, to build China’s fastest sea Amoy logistics speed.

According to

purchasing department said a week ago, a Korean mask in the United States on the platform one hour will be sold 6000 copies, Korean brands exclaimed, this is almost equivalent to the South Korean National Day sales.

But at the same time,

purchased overseas market is also facing increasingly fierce competition. Electronic Commerce Research Center released China before the data show that in 2013 Chinese overseas purchasing market transactions amounted to 76 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 58.8% compared to 2012.

despite the prospect of attractive, but for now, overseas purchasing, sea Amoy cross-border shopping channels to occupy the cross-border shopping market is quite chaotic pattern. Personal purchasing channels, such as the presence of fakes, after-sales issues are also many consumers criticized.

last August, the General Administration of Customs issued the No. 56, No. 57 text on the regulation of cross-border electricity supplier regulation regulation. At present the overseas purchase mode is divided into purchasing platform, overseas friends overseas purchasing, with Tmall as the representative of the international straight / direct mode and as the representative of the proprietary B2C mode. Proprietary model can effectively manage the supply chain, from the source to prevent fake and smuggled goods, to ensure the quality of products and user experience.

"anonymous" event is the United States or opponents to discredit the self speculation is more likely. While overseas purchase business has just started in the domestic rise of the intense public relations war is enough to see that the sea outsourcing market.

Chen Ou had previously said the United States will try to speed up the logistics and low price characteristics of the industry, micro-blog

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