Discussion on the method of website promotion

After two months of careful preparation,

opened my website. As a senior grassroots webmaster, I chose the site as the first site. There are two reasons, one is the threshold of the site is low, do not need complex technology, and even as the individual owners will be able to type the site to build the station. Two is the cost of space, low maintenance costs, web site content relative to other sites do not need to be updated, the amount of space data is also small, difficult to maintain. Of course, there is a trade-off, in the face of the innumerable web site, how to make your site stand out is a big problem, combined with me to do this station experience, talk about web site promotion methods.

, search engine optimization. This is a question a commonplace talk of an old scholar, speaking of website is the SEO keyword optimization, this is not the only one. It is not necessary to think SEO is too complex, on the site, the home page is the most critical part of the home page keyword must show your website features, is a comprehensive professional or local navigation or navigation. The site name must be written, like my site navigation accessibility I want people to see that this is a navigation site and can remember.

two, increase the excellent chain. The chain is what kind of good? My understanding is the chain of Web site updates all the major search engines will be reflected, the search engine does not do what you don’t bother the sites included post links. Web site, such as the weight of the site is very high, the above is a good way to send soft wen. When you really have no way to the fate of well-known sites outside the chain, I recommend you one way, that is to upload your own website source code to download the source station. I want to use small web site source code should be free, free to modify the source code using to become their own website, upload to download site for others to download to do some processing, so leave the chain and download the source code of the people will go to your website to see the actual effect, it will accumulate a lot of popularity. With your site update source can be out later, to maintain the stability of the chain, and the visitor will think your website has a certain technical strength, so no one like garbage station maintenance, will accumulate a lot of repeat customers and fixed user group.

three, do their own browser. This is a bit difficult, the difficulty is not only to do the browser technology, but also to do the browser promotion. For technology, we do not have the strength to do a new browser, the only way is oem. Here I recommend the window of the world, you can apply for oem. If the strength of your site can not meet the requirements of OEM, then you can only modify their own. Method is actually very simple, download the green version of the world window, the home page into their own web site, the icon as much as possible to make the appropriate changes, and then the name of the browser to the window of the world XX modified version. Of course, to retain the copyright, or the original author to pursue your responsibility. If you still do not, you can see my modified version, download the address is http://s.www.111da.com/download/>

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