The site can really rely on speculation

read a lot of "master" article, what promotion trilogy, what website promotion methods, how to make your site quickly on red? In the article mentioned "hype". Seems to have become a popular trend.

      entertainment speculation! Media speculation! The domain name website to stir fry.. Now look at the major webmaster related information website, including a webmaster and related big website. This article can be dug out of many.

    personal Adsense is the need for a propaganda platform, propaganda is equal to hype? What is more to write the soft to the novice reference, perhaps can let a part of the webmaster to improve writing ability.. Or maybe tomorrow’s CCTV news has changed to XX station news.. Isn’t it?

    I often sigh, why people do not fry HAO123, but also to sell a 50 million?   why people do not have to fry Admin5, but also to become the first station in China? Why…… A lot of examples, I do not have to say, we all understand.

      publicity is good, malicious speculation, think about what can be obtained? And may become a flicker hype"!

    now look at the famous Adsense speech, said the most is, location, direction, focus, pragmatic, refinement! Why don’t they teach "website hype"? "Website hype soft writing skills"?. It should be noted that the well-known site is not fired up, but step by step out of the..

      when you "hard" the arrangement of a soft Wen, released, take a look at the following comments. "What a big AD ah" "a big AD, also I a IP." Hype article." Is this what you’re getting at? I think this is not in the publicity, but to his face in the dark..

      do the webmaster should really point, popularity is to rely on a little bit of accumulation, not a soft Wen can flicker to.

      2 days ago, I had just released a small station, because the program is not perfect, still in the testing phase, in the webmaster online made article invite you to test. Who knows there is a user registered in the station at the end of the afternoon, and speculation in the webmaster online article: "XX domain name cybersquatting bidding.". The impact is very bad, when I know from the group of friends that this thing, very angry. And look at the comments of users, are: hype article". Image ah. I am suffering.

    then, I in the webmaster nets, published an article, in fact, is the statement that the author of the article is not our stand, and sprayed the friend. Do not know is the webmaster network misunderstanding or did not see understand >

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