The effect of soft writing on the promotion website

see Admin5 on both the authors said: write soft role? The role of soft. Raise questions. Look at some of the critics. Therefore, the author of this article to do a rebuttal.

first point: the original author did not understand what is called soft Wen?

soft text as a whole, divided into three kinds,

1, the content of soft Wen

, for example, enrich their forum, the content of the site article. Write these articles, need more profound work, why? Now a soft beyond literature concept, but to consider the taste of the search engine, so embedded in a soft key will be just perfect, but also to ensure the smooth statement, this is the real skill, not like writing the text, can God shaped scattered and scattered, not to the point of Southeast sea.

2, the promotion of soft Wen

this soft is the most common Admin5, as well as the major forum article. Are generally describe their site text. URL link. This soft maximum benefits, is to make their name, website or keywords, links exist in the soft, and then after each big site reproduced, the network spread, such as viral like, your site is stately in someone else’s website. The PR value of the algorithm, which is an important reference value.

3, planning soft Wen

this soft, so that we can easily understand is a name called network push hands". Write this soft, rich knowledge, keen vision, seize the focus, happened in the society to create conflicts, confusion, aroused public anger, or even a soft feed a station or a group of people. For example, "Sister Lotus" is a typical case. This kind of soft Wen is not ordinary people can write.

second points: the original author did not analyze the soft user

?The soft

has no effect, it is because you have no choice errors, "thought groups, for example Birds of a feather flock together." specifically, you write a lotus soft, in a butcher’s forum, what do you think is the effect of


you are not clear to your user’s words, you begin to write soft Wen, this is obviously very wrong, and, for different user groups to write the same kind of soft Wen is wrong!

In addition to

, the soft text to choose the site, which is extremely important.

earn the chain of soft Wen, of course, hair Admin5, this is a good and correct choice. The industry’s soft text to the industry website. If you are sent to the Admin5, the webmaster can only laugh, is certainly not what effect.

is not soft, no effect, but the soft to choose the right direction, otherwise it is useless.

can predict: soft Wen will

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