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as a new webmaster, in addition to maintaining the site every day, think more should be website promotion. I am a new person on the Internet, every day to see the site, reading books, learning network knowledge. It is easy to build a station, but it is a rare thing to remember a station. Here I will talk about the promotion of the network interpersonal promotion.

we comment on the quality of a web site is based on PR and ALEXA. We all know that PR is based on the chain to decide, so how are we going to get more and better links? Perhaps you give when website email did not respond; you may add webmaster QQ when directly rejected; you may post in the forum no response. These are because we are new, is the new site. So how should we do? I always do, in a forum of stationmaster net or go around, not to publish what exchange links? But to see what the old webmaster talking about? And then write at the back on his own views, remember to leave see solutions must have their own name (recommended to enter big stationmaster net registered members), published an article people tend to look at those comments. So slowly also familiar with, and then is QQ, telephone exchange, after several exchanges, I think those old Adsense will not refuse. When the relationship is a little bit more mature (the degree of their own grasp), you can ask for, let him put your link on the. A high quality and efficient link to do so, I do not know how you are going to exchange it, this is my website in the promotion of network webmaster, ha ha, in fact, is to promote interpersonal. Although such a long time, but the relationship with the old webmaster to maintain good, they have a lot of resources can be used.

if you have any good ideas, I hope to be able to communicate.


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