A portal experience

in 2007 October, from the hands of others to buy a domain name, and then excitedly began to engage in the website, in under the help of the brothers finally also make up.

is also in this time it was discovered that the domain name Google normal included, but Baidu did not see even a shadow, when my heart is anxious like ants on a hot pan, then check the check, when the domain name before the 2005 Baidu has been to seal, then know my heart panic, do not know how to do, always only Baidu legend letter puzzled, to make it not difficult to learn.

and I will routinely give Baidu a few emails, average is one day a letter about it, and then made 15 consecutive days, Baidu routinely respond to me a few letters, felt nothing great hope, no matter Baidu began to seriously do, every day more new content. The content of the website, a day after collection of Google has been rising steadily, Baidu is still missing.

this has been to the 08 year of February, I just want to try site a little Baidu, but was surprised to find a new, the home page of our website, ha ha, when the whole people jumped up. The heart of the excitement, the excitement, ha ha. I believe we can understand.

experienced this event, to promote the site full of confidence, but has recently met a problem by Google to 55000, Baidu has been stuck in the thousands, only included the hospital and home channel, which I have always wondered, what is for what I do. From top to bottom, always check a few days, check the IIS server log that Baidu spider access frequency is relatively high, bad chain is also examined, the content is not collected, manually add, why not go up it will be included, and after much deliberation, took an examination of inspection tools page similarity, check I found, station page similarity even in more than 60%.

found the problem, after a night change, is now waiting to see Baidu, Google reflects, ah, I don’t, my own experience and share with you, hope that the shortcomings, this is my QQ:43990493, and we hope to exchange website promotion, SEO knowledge.

              this is the younger brother of the station, what the inadequacies also please point out. Global Hospital Network (http://s.www.qqyy.com)

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