51 social security to complete the 10 million round of financing B pig eight quit investment

51 Social Security announced that it was completed in May this year, B round of $10 million financing, this round of financing led by the pig eight quit, A round of investment in broadband capital to participate in investment. At the same time, 51 social security and pig eight reached a strategic cooperation, pig eight quit platform will be the development of enterprise social security business, and social security cooperation with the 51 services.


is currently on track players have a lot of social security, two months ago, its network has just announced 100 million yuan B round of financing, social security also announced last month that the bright younger generation in the 30 million A round of financing, said outside the single energy efficiency up to 15000.

generally in the story is: a mechanism to help companies run errands, corporate money to buy the service, in addition, institutions to provide enterprises with a variety of HR and related tools, and even set up a set of universal human resources service. Compared with the traditional payment mechanism, their price is relatively low, and the part of the process to improve the efficiency of the Internet. As for the business model, is the "run errands fee + tool use fee".

36 krypton reported, "51 security" is the idea of human resource management system EHR free to provide customers with one-stop management, employee information, five social insurance and one housing fund and commercial insurance, the flow of personnel and payroll. The pre service to employee stage through the "offer" function, then do not need HR to input information one by one of the staff, but the finger clicks directly in the system can complete the employee social security, fund and other customized commercial insurance (such as supplementary medical, supplementary injury etc.) change, payment and adjustment and the rest of the "real" things are completed by 51 social security, and will handle the situation for everyone and timely notice. Five social insurance and one housing fund per month service fee is 19.9 yuan.

51 security stressed that many domestic claims covering hundreds of city social security service providers generally use the "mutual agency" subcontract, as well as a platform for directly using a similar Taobao model, but there is a great difference with the traditional social security service product trading: first social services purchase is a long-term contract system rather than the high frequency of re purchase; second social services is the depth of services, direct customers, there was a significant difference between the indirect customers; third social security service chain length, high control requirements, subcontract may appear information, funds, time delay, implementation risk.

and the 51 social security by "Jingdong" mode, in the direct city, the manager sent from Beijing local social security service process, in the second city, in cooperation with local human resources services, do not join, must use 51 standard technology system and platform, to provide services.

founder Yu Qingquan told that the current 80% of the social security business can be automated online solution, the remaining 20%>

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