How to promote the initial station in the circle

a new analysis of "why" to promote why everyone in the circle to the early site promotion for the webmaster circle, write felt not enough, today with everyone together to share, how in the early site webmaster webmaster circle of some methods and thinking of promotion.

for the establishment of the initial stage, which can be done after the completion of the work in the webmaster circle to promote it?. Enterprise station may be as long as the company’s business and related products can be released. For a general class of personal site, or the need to build out the overall framework of the site, pre planned columns are built, and each column of a certain quantity and quality of the content, characteristics such as the second is different from the other sites, such as Logo, contact address, etc. to the search engine for new station is different from other the personal qualities of the same site. With these basic, you can in the webmaster circle promotion, to achieve some of the early goal.

we generally circle specifically what place? Broad, often is the webmaster gathering place, whether it is the webmaster daily read news places or webmaster gathered together to chat, watering place, all belong to the circle. Here we will be a good comb circle. On line, we know that the webmaster often released soft sites, such as A5, Chinaz these line station; station outside the chain daily irrigation promotion forum, such as A5, the laggards; chain exchange and trade forum and platform; there are some relatively high-end, such as station material and technology class the website and the Forum; at the same time last year the rise of the webmaster SNS community, is also a way to know more webmaster, you should be able to find search. On the line there is a more important webmaster circle, QQ group. Whether it is the local webmaster group, or friends of the chain exchange group, there are some high-end webmaster group, can mix into the absolute advantage, listen to the idea of other owners in the inside, look at these webmaster usually do.

how to generalize a sentence, is what kind of platform to do what kind of thing. Since we are very clear that the webmaster circle, go to what kind of platform, use what kind of service, also in the use of these platforms and use these services to owners, naturally can let other webmasters understand you, this is a very simple truth, the key is to establish what kind of strategy and stick to. The soft release platform, usually a lot of the release of some soft, regardless of quality, stick to it, there are always some effect, the success of the soft also is the site of the success, success is such a spiral. For the forum, through the release of some Miao text and links the original or false original article, the establishment of Miao text signature, it can play the role of spider seduce, but also accumulated into the chain, and let the webmaster know you, one. If you have a good text work, can also establish their own blogs, with some well-known blog exchanges and visits, that can enhance personal knowledge.

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