Papi sauce this connotation faction red is the best proof of the era of short video content

Abstract: we have to admit that the importance of "Yan value" is gradually being replaced by individuality and taste in this era. In the production of social content on the platform, with the ability to produce creative short video, people will probably become the real potential for some time in the future."


your circle of friends, must have to brush a set of talent and beauty in a woman and her series of short video – and yes, that relates to the "poor + ratite" women: Papi sauce.

many people will be curious, Papi sauce what fame? In fact, as early as August 2015, Papi sauce in their personal micro-blog water, released a series of seconds if video, including the mouth to mouth small coffee show, Taiwan cavity + language in Northeast China; and then launched a series of video, such as Japanese horse bung the relationship between men and women, bad reviews, Tucao, Shanghai dialect + English words and so on.

in addition, the short video is usually followed by some of the current hot spots, such as "the single single day eve gave you a few words of warm words" "your love beans off single?" "ten" is a welcome Papi sauce in the double eleven before and after the launch of the video. In the "2016 WeChat open class PRO version of the" maxed circle of friends, Papi sauce also quickly made a video about WeChat, "WeChat Tucao sometimes really let me collapse"; just before the Spring Festival in February 6th, Papi launched a "jam time immediately before the Spring Festival, are you ready during the spring Festival?", Tucao "unpleasant" relatives, the total amount of reading more than 100000 push.

today, street shooting, beauty and self has apparently not become red net standard, the so-called "connotation" network is red, in a variety of ways to replace the "yen value" red net.


is the video Shangcuan red female anchor: Papi sauce

in the media since the rise in 2015, the birth of many of the new generation network: on the subject of ridicule, red text to absorb the personal independence of conduct millions of fans of the microphone Mongolia; by the achievements of the second shot short video queen Papi sauce; also active content flow in the second shot on AIKE, Mu Yalan and other grassroots Reds also very impressive.

in seconds after the film became popular, Papi sauce apparently chose a smarter way. Unlike many red net on a single platform to dig a fan of the economy, Papi sauce is in the popular WeChat quickly opened the public number, the headline number, Youku and other platform channels, so as to realize multi platform content distribution, become a subject as quickly as can be imagined.

since September last year opened the public number of WeChat so far, Papi sauce has released dozens of graphic messages, including 100 thousand + articles also a lot of money. According to the new list of background estimates, Papi sauce is currently active fans up to 2 million 870 thousand or more. In addition, due to the early release of some columns on micro-blog

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