Defeat hao123 achievements feature site navigation

mention site navigation, it is definitely Mr. Li Xianping started on the hao123 website home". From the birth of hao123 to be high priced acquisition of Baidu, Comrade Li will pay a great effort.

in the current web site to stand in the case of warlords, want to stand by the website to take the idea of an absolute world can not be achieved. I see the "web site" the end of the gold rush road. But this does not mean that the site has no way out of the station, do any stand in fact, are the same as the survival of innovation, the development of the market segments". The establishment of the characteristics of the site navigation, innovation achievements of the road.

we feed, Nora site QVOD movie entertainment site navigation, for example, for everyone to start the road to the characteristics of the site navigation". We analyze the following "Hello, nora". to provide a unique, professional, full range of entertainment navigation for service purposes.

2: manual collection of various global "movies" and "entertainment" station, as well as various unknown but the new station and the new sites. For friends and friends to provide the most complete entertainment feast.

3: be arranged, divided site navigation features. For example: movie navigation, they are divided into different categories of players, such as "QVOD movie navigation", "webplaywer movie navigation", "online play without the need to install the movie station navigation", etc..

4: to provide users interactive platform entertainment website service, web service will score "score right to the user, the website will get high scores, and red bold awards showcase.

5: all the links, they are manual selection, ensure the user experience, thus eliminating the influence of the user experience of pop, Trojan etc..

6: adhere to manually update all entertainment articles, providing valuable, timeliness strong entertainment information, adhere to the content is king for the station policy.

is more than we, hey, Nora site as an example and we share the characteristics of the site navigation gold road, hoping to be able to do web site friends can help.

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