Mysterious big data company Palantir 880 million financing

[Abstract] as of today, Palantir has received $2 billion financing, valuation of $20 billion, and there is no sign of going public.

BI Chinese station on December 24th reported

Palantir Technologies is difficult to be called a start-up company, because the company was founded in 2004, the staff size of 2000 people. However, the company is still a large number of start-up companies, such as a large number of equity investments, and did not show signs of going public. Recently, Palantir has received a round of financing up to $880 million, its valuation has reached $20 billion.

mid month, the media reported that the company received a total of $129 million financing.

but in fact, the amount of the current round of financing is much larger than previously reported. When the Palantir launched its latest round of financing, the eleventh round of financing, to investors, the New York Times reported.

the company filed with the securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday to confirm this. Palantir revealed in the form that the company sold $880 million worth of shares in a new round of financing from the start of the summer. As the financial adviser of Morgan Stanley and SF Sentry Securities two companies received a total of $3 million 200 thousand Commission, the magnitude of the current round of financing is huge.


as of today, Palantir has received $2 billion financing.

now there are a lot of people in the debate, whether Private Companies should continue to accept the high valuation of huge venture capital. What would be the fate of these companies (and their employees) if their valuations were reduced.

due to the ability to carry out another round of high financing, Palantir’s management team seems to be satisfied with the status quo, there is no listing plan.

One possible reason for this is that the company has been very mysterious

. Housekeeping Palantir technology is through the scanning data to find the law, have been numerous law enforcement and espionage organization for crime investigation and discovery of potential terrorist plots. The technology has also been used by financial institutions to detect fraud, medical institutions are used to track clinical data.

One co-founder of

Palantir is billionaire Peter · (Peter Thiel). He is "PayPal help" (PayPal Mafia) member of the early investors in Facebook, the famous Google (micro-blog) the risk of investors. (wing fly)

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