A website development must go through the promotion of the road

The success of the

website four stages of what should be done? (recommended for novice and new owners must see), now do a website is not what happens, but the site still need to do. Novice in the station when there is no experience is always going to take a lot of detours according to my experience in the past few years, and now on the Internet to see some of the knowledge in particular to sort out some of the text to share with you hope to help novice!

a, site preparation phase

as the saying goes "quicken work", website for the node section should not be ignored! In this stage, we must want to clear the site in the face of the user group is? What is the characteristics of the Internet users? What do these users on the Internet habits? Want to know after this information is recorded. Then the custom website structure, website promotion planning, do not do "without a head" expected to do what.

two, website construction stage

First of all,

is the production site. Were made according to the analysis of the above framework, it must be noted that: in title there are 28 words can describe more useless; there are 108 words will do more is useless, you are not writing included after he will use near the top of the page text as description. If you don’t want to ask people to do a website, you can try the next station box, very suitable for people who have no previous programming experience.

followed by the choice of space and domain name. Now the domain name is a kind of intangible assets, the novice want to register a good domain name is very difficult, so I suggest novice first casually with a common domain name to try hand, but this is not just the ordinary meaning, for Baidu, Pinyin or Pinyin abbreviation is better for general use. Space well, of course, to choose a fast, stable, but also a good provider of service attitude, if you worry about the speed of the north and South mutual visits can choose two lane space. I think the space will not be looking for a domain name and more than 1 times a day, the basic elements of this website need there, only need to apply for payment, opening, upload a website on the fix next began to publicize


three, website promotion phase

promotion phase we have to solve the problem is how to be included:

adhere to the original article every day but the article is not expensive and more expensive

write an article and your web site content related to soft wen you can go to and your site visitors often go to the place of the soft Wen by way of your connection can make some of the chain. Make up your site to establish no friendship connection of bug of course can also seduce spider crawling index your site.

was built more than 10 of sina and the Alibaba Taobao portal blog blog bus MySpace Sohu 163 Baidu space like the day you write an article after you use blog to blog on the mass spirit not sending you your hair save time over a period of time after you have strong.

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