2008 to do what the site the most money way

      more recent contact with the beauty industry, this article may be the last time I wrote about the beauty of the article. Come back to our topic today, in 2008 to do what the site has the most money way? Some estimates you see the front, is to know the answer.

      according to authoritative forecasts, China’s annual output value of beauty economy will be more than 500 billion yuan. China Association of plastic surgeons said the news that the number of plastic surgery in China exceeded 1 million people, and an annual growth rate of 200%. The above data sources Nanfang Daily, China beauty Yearbook, not my personal statistics, I think, I personally have not yet been able to statistics the entire industry data.

      what kind of information does this data give us? According to my personal intuition, this is blue ocean (that is, in China’s Web site, the industry is still in the germination stage of the site). May I ask, you have to do, professional beauty website? Of course, except for the garbage collecting station, because of the recent Baidu algorithm change, is for the garbage station,.Cn domain name included difficulties, therefore, do not always waste station. I think, many webmasters have not yet thought about doing this type of site, more just getting started or stay in the music, movies and other entertainment site plan. Personally, I began to focus on this industry six months ago, and even, when I was working, are going to choose the work of this industry, and now also in the beauty industry institutions.

      perhaps, we still not convinced this point of view, what I said this kind of website can make money? I would like to explain here, come to this point of view, the following points:

      1 beauty industry matures, the concept of cosmetic plastic slowly allow the community to accept, and now slowly into the middle-income families. According to the history of the development of Chinese beauty, the beauty industry is in the middle of 80s in our country started, when the basic beauty beauty, after 20 years of development, whether it is from the concept or technology, and operation of a qualitative leap, cosmetic gradually reflect the safety, security, convenience etc.. When the development of a mature industry, it will stimulate the consumption of industry related industries, including beauty salons, plastic surgery hospital, cosmetics, cosmetic plastic advertising, there are others who ignore the network site.

      2 the total purchasing power of society, the consumption power is greatly improved, in the premise of solving the problem of food and clothing, the consumer’s attention gradually to the industry, especially women. Beauty is the nature of human beings, therefore, cosmetic plastic crowd coverage is no less than other industries, the best proof, we are aware of, beauty and men can not pull on the relationship, but there is a backbone of the industry trend >

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