Talk about Facebook’s new advertising model

Facebook has launched a new form of advertising in the ad, to win the heart of advertisers.

"advertising" is a new form of advertising, which makes the boundaries between marketing and social networking sites more blurred. When a user logs on to the Facebook for the first time, the ad is displayed on the home screen and prompts the user to operate in the advertisement, such as a film.

users after the completion of the operation, such as the Bravo TV television series "Project Runway" (Project Runway) was added to the individual event list, Facebook can share the message to Bravo TV advertising to more users.

whether the effectiveness of the advertising model remains to be seen, but Facebook said that since 2007, the United States, the 100 largest advertisers have been put on the Facebook in the past let go advertising 70. The research institutions comScore data show that Facebook in the United States to show the market share of only 1.1%.

industry experts Anji Kentucky division (Angie Tulgetske) said: "I’ve never heard of anyone in advertising on Facebook, I will not put advertising budget spent on Facebook." Facebook move comes as the online advertising market is in the doldrums, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) data show that next year the U.S. online advertising rose from 17% this year to 14.5%.

for social networking sites, the greater the degree of influence, because advertisers are still exploring the effectiveness of advertising on social networking sites. But the advantages of social networking sites such as Faceboo and MySpace are lower than those of YAHOO and AOL.

from the user’s point of view, not all users are supporting Facebook’s participation in advertising program. The 32 year old Tennessee users Heather Watson (Heather Watson) said: "participate in advertising" impact of the user experience of Facebook, I will not participate in the project."

this, Facebook CEO Mark – (Mark Zuckerberg), said Facebook’s current main task is to expand the user base, rather than improve revenue. With the passage of time, a reasonable revenue model will appear sooner or later.

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