How to improve the site traffic and traffic my web site is about four months like this! I started on this website or do not understand, do not understand and asked friends understand! But professional SEO friend they are by this dinner so they may and you are on the increase flow! A better approach is to improve the first external links to other sites is relatively high visibility of the site to send posts such as large portal points inside story! News and that classified information website can send 1 a website but the best one! Don’t send too much! If within a week. Baidu has not been included words that you are to send a! But don’t send a word too much! The more will be deleted! In addition to the forum is the best content rich What the article with your site address what! Don’t blindly send advertising posts that will be deleted! Is white busy! As long as you put the above points to the external links the site allows you to increase traffic and traffic but also cannot rely on this to also! Your site should be rich! What is not your own website! Others recently next time will not come! At least guarantee can update 5 to 10 new messages every day! News articles only what 1 ah you ensure your website content of Baidu and GG will be a day to your site grab your update 1 above so traffic and traffic will certainly will be up update every day! My website is doing real estate website now visits every day about 3000 IP at about 1000


the other key words you look at the key words of Baidu is more popular those key words are not very popular! Put your key words on the site but not too much!

, for example, I am a real estate network. Popular keywords: Nanjing rent, Nanjing real estate,

I wrote the Nanjing rent, Nanjing real estate, Nanjing real estate leasing, real estate transactions, real estate transactions, rental housing – Nanjing Yi room network

easy housing network to provide the latest and most real estate in Nanjing, the new real estate, short-term housing, and office buildings, and villas, welcome to visit the room network,

easy room network to build the largest and most complete real estate information trading platform in Nanjing

!I just like this

above probably write! Many things still want oneself to study! Don’t see what those websites online propaganda brush flow, want to do a website or rely on their own efforts! Every day I get up late! Don’t say a lot that is not very good we should not laugh at me

! Welcome to communicate with you!

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