Blog message is also a marketing tool

my blog, I very love! Here, I can not only writing exercises, also can do now under the SEO experiment. Have time to go shopping, write things, share their experience. For visitors to the guests, I am also very treasure, who can leave a sincere comment, I am happy to play the bottom of my heart. For each comment, each message, I sincerely reply. Very early to know, in the blog is actually a kind of promotion and marketing of their own, you can say: everyone in life is more or less a little narcissistic, always love more people to pay attention to their blog is not like. What a good friend write Bo don’t want more attention, get to know people? I am an ordinary person, I also.

but for me this is not a celebrity, there is no ranking of the blog, want to attract more people is still a little difficult. Only a few IP every day, only a few people. And that’s the point of your ink. Experience is not rich enough. Said technology, very dishes. There seems to be nothing to be concerned about.

however, in my blog so long, there are two people impressed me most:

1, Lu Songsong

Lu predecessors blog single gas, is one of the most popular blog I’ve seen a blog. ALEXA data from the average day IP15600, ranked 80108, do not believe that you can go to see their own. A blog can have such a high popularity, can only use two words to describe. His blog is about web design, many articles are very practical. Today, I’m not talking about his blog, but to say one of his blog marketing practices: blog message and return visit. His blog message is very personal, some people have a personality, but more is the predecessor of Lu led. I probably estimate, in front of the site of the people on the road, there are 70% of the people, Lou predecessors have to pay a return visit, and left his own blog article views. I stop Lou elder also return a few times. It may be a habit for him. For me, it is a great honor. A popular blogger to their station can message, his heart is naturally very happy. So the station to the old Lu added a bit of love. Run away from time to time to run the door! – this is marketing, good marketing.

2, Shenzhen SEO optimization (brother is a myth)

the "elder brother" I was in the two days of attention. I used to exchange links, that’s all. And these two days, the elder brother contributed a total of three messages for me. Ask a reply. Just interact with me. So in the next to his station a little more interest. For his people, but also want to get to know the impulse. Why? For no reason, just because he left some of his comments on my station. Let me know, who is he? Where is he? Let me have a chance to go back. Perhaps these little things for some high flow, high popularity of the site is nothing. But for me

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