Four points of new media social marketing

Marketing are not necessarily be solved by money, although no money is totally unacceptable, first make clear all kinds of marketing products first, as I understand it skills.

1 product services accounted for 40%

this product is a narrow range of products.

e-commerce as a supplement to the traditional industry, more often just a marketing tool, a supplement to the offline channels.

traditional marketing factors such as user group, product line, brand building, logistics, warehouse management, supply chain management and so on a series of in the traditional brand reflected on the need in this link to be fully reflected.

this part is to determine whether consumers will be word-of-mouth spread your important factor. For example, Newegg, long ago I have been very respected because Newegg, feel once they return service, quickly and not looking for an excuse to deal with any problem in terms that will not back to the consumer, will like friends recommend new egg. In addition, Jingdong things cheap so a few dollars, but I will also be a clear introduction to the people around the Jingdong said that the return must even be able to get rid of the curse with a smooth.

products and services will always be the main theme of business, whether or not engaged in e-commerce, is the truth.

2 website ease of use of products accounted for 30%


website is itself a product includes all aspects of UI design, usability, user experience and design of the data after level, also reflects a user with a process of exchange and communication. Psychology has a course called human-computer interaction theory.

this one, the site’s UI accounted for only 40%, is a relatively large proportion of local place, the site’s overall information architecture, logic, accounting for up to 60%.

many sites look professional, security index rose sharply, with the first time no longer, such as Alipay utilities, can let the head.

also some sites do not look so professional, so he will go to other users of his evaluation to determine whether this is worth trying. User comments and comments on the three party is a good complement to this point.

the future of the Internet this way will become the enterprise through each link of the mouthpiece lifeblood, so the underlying structure design, must want to long term to make the cost of losses.

3 operating strategy accounted for 15%

Twitter is red, but his victory in the market is not just a technical victory.

business strategy is the key to the user you want to become what kind of person, or you want to become what kind of thinking.

The Diogenes club

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