went through the road is not willing to go entrepreneurs

Hu Dong’s office is difficult to find, located in Tianlin area a 4 floor corner of the Park Branch, also need to transfer two elevator upstairs. Although the office is not conspicuous, but the winter is like "Hu star", every entrepreneur will be called a "teacher hu". He said that he is both an entrepreneur, but also a business mentor, hope that through his efforts, so that entrepreneurs who have to go through their own detours.

society needs to be more tolerant of entrepreneurs

, the overall social support for entrepreneurs is not enough, especially for entrepreneurial failure is not enough tolerance." Hu Dong said that entrepreneurship is the process from scratch, but from zero to one this leap is the entrepreneur alone is difficult to complete, so the need for government, service organizations, enterprises and other social forces to help them. Large enterprises because of the lack of profitability and unwilling, the government is willing to do but not professional, so he wanted to support the public welfare organizations to undertake this responsibility.

said he was a true story, a few years ago, a young man surnamed Liu has a "good" business ideas, "Liu is a northerner, he found Cuozao back out of reach, want to engage in a bathing machine. I let him in the entrepreneurial activities of the scene to convene a partner to see who would like to join, the results came several times, no one is willing to join his team". Later, he slowly realized that there is no market for entrepreneurial ideas, turned to intelligent thermostat faucet, has attracted a number of investment intentions.

Hu Dong also admitted that, compared with a few years ago, the moment is the golden age of entrepreneurship, with a full range of preferential policies and atmosphere, but he still does not recommend reckless naked entrepreneurship. The same is in his entrepreneurial activities, a senior engineer of foreign companies to find him, want to make a cake 3D printer, think the market is very large, want to quit a special venture, this impulse was stopped. Hu Dongxian let him in a few weeks to design a prototype, and the market recognized and then resign. Indeed, due to various technical constraints, cake 3D printer and did not succeed, but in the 3D printing skirting line break a new path.

as a result of innovation and entrepreneurship, Hu Dong that should not be particularly utilitarian treatment. "I used to do poineering work many times, also fail many times." But it is these failures, let him become a star mentor.

entrepreneurs need a quick trial and error


entrepreneurs need most? Face this problem, Hu winter gave his answer: fast chance of trial and error. He said the biggest cost is the opportunity cost. He believes that is the most convenient and fast way of trial and error, the first prototype into a minimalist product in the market, then through continuous learning and valuable user feedback, rapid iteration of the product but also let entrepreneurs through practice to verify their business ideas. Mini venture eight (miniStart8), entrepreneurial weekend (DevWeekend), entrepreneurship in the local (StartupLocal), entrepreneurial juncture (Startu>)

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