Thirty percent tips for advertising

In the process of

we do the bidding would let us most headache is invalid click, click malicious, we can call this section click on garbage flow, had spent 20 yuan, 50 yuan of money can be a single, can be sold, because the waste flow, we can even spend 100 yuan, 200 yuan can be sold to a customer, it may also be the reason we do not make money products, the traditional industry is even higher, thousands, tens of thousands of consumer may only transactions of a customer, if we put all the rubbish flow to kill it, we can easily save advertising costs 30%, and to Wu Longjie share today is to get rid of garbage flows

we can visit our website users are divided into 3 categories: the first class of potential purchasers, second categories, third categories: peers, not related to the crowd, and we just need to buy for potential customers, peers and not related to people we need to go through the optimization of account blocked, if we do, advertising costs thirty percent is no problem,

we first to solve the first problem, how to shield the peer clicks, there are several ways we can refer to

1 shielded peer area

whether the traditional industries do good, or do profiteering products or, we need to find out what your peers are mainly distributed in the area at the auction before, and then to peer concentrated areas can be shielded, Baidu search promotion and the promotion of regional league promotion selection are now can be accurate to the prefecture level city, according to the company in the city, we can give up the promotion, the promotion of a product such as we found in Guangzhou, Jinhua, Nanjing, Suzhou and other colleagues very much, then we can give up the promotion of these areas, such as TV shopping products, general capital city counterparts will be more customers to buy and poor quality, we can give up the promotion of capital city. Focus on the promotion of 3 line, 4 line city and so on, the method of the master, also can save a lot of advertising.

2 promotion time segment selection

products friends should be very clear, we will focus on the promotion of peer time at 9 in the morning to 23 at night, during the search for the promotion of the fierce competition, basically are full screen, web promotion competition is not small, but to 23 pm after basically counterparts advertising will come off the assembly line, this time you just need to bid 1 yuan or less may be in the front row, even a single day can make up for promotion costs too high every night.

is also a very important and very good method, if we use a product long time, we will have a specific purchase rules, such as not a single morning, we can give up the morning, every Friday afternoon promotion was very poor, we you can give up Friday afternoon, evening between the 6 point -7 promotion effect is relatively poor, we can also give up the promotion, of course I’m here.

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