Ali mother through the station to add flow

recently in the Ali Mama advertising trading forum to observe for several days, we all know that Ma Yun’s action, let the station can not help but chuckle, the station can also make money. The forum is the Webmaster Station will come to, first of all we see advertisers area post: here is my March 9th 19:04 cut the picture:


everyone is concerned about the day, advertisers to buy, the volume of the post is far greater than other posts, we open one of the posts to see:


You can see the tricky

estimates it, ha ha, browse this post webmaster, and the viewer, not his site estimates are not, if a long-term post their top down, to the flow of every day is estimated to be many, although they may bring you is IP, the flow is not a lot, but if you stand the charm of nice, the consequences can be worthy of appreciation.

I don’t encourage people to send some similar fraudulent information, I just want to say, the secret everywhere, may I have listed the owner of the post wasn’t so, but at least I think he brought such consequences and meditation.

a word, a webmaster to flow, to come, but also to create new styles idea, can not NiuDao, Baidu Google alaex, I guess he doesn’t know your flow is how come it, ha ha, but also look not laugh, statements of a school, and I wish you all flow rising leverage.

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