Original soft text need a clear purpose in order to persist

a chain of people originally only in the forum, blog, Baidu products on the construction of external links. Suddenly asked to write an original soft paper every day to contribute to the major sites. The purpose of the supervisor is to build more stable, can bring the amount of external links. If the purpose of the chain staff simply want to complete the task, to the competent, my colleagues to prove that I can do.

Zhuhai second-hand housing that the chain of people with such a purpose to carry out this task, to adhere to the time will not last long. First of all, an experience is not rich outside the chain every day to write the original soft Wen to the major web site contribute, for the time being, whether or not through, just let the idea of the chain commissioner is very painful. The purpose is not clear, difficult to implement. It’s easy to make this task fail.

so the supervisor must let the chain personnel know to spend time every day what are the advantages of writing, people are selfish, for their own good things, do not need superior force, subordinates will consciously to complete it.

exercise ability to words

chain personnel simply copy and paste is not promising, but if the chain personnel have good ability to words, good writing skills, rigorous logical thinking, clear thinking, strong ability to understand. Write the article articles are of high quality, by the majority of SEO professionals recognized, the chain that his value is not a simple copy and paste.

expand their network resources

article successfully released to the major sites, there will be a lot of people read your article. Often can deliver high quality of the article, and also left a contact in the article, certainly know each place with the industry friends. Everyone to do SEO ideas and methods are not the same, a lot of communication with peers, but also to promote their own SEO technology. Chinese old friends, the road will be more easy. Look at the success of the SEO sector, which is not a lot of friends.

optimization to promote their names

we only know how to promote your web site optimization, especially the chain, often without the name of the blog post published in the forum blog. Even if you put the ten, the hot key of the one hundred site optimization to Baidu home first. If one day you want to jump to another business, in the interview, just talk about how many cows, but no evidence to prove. The interviewer on your ability to keep skeptical attitude, in the soft writing, his name is added, the long-term accumulated, use Baidu Search your name, a certain website SEO industry experts are industry experts. Knowledge website, every one of them is the high quality of the article. In this case, you need to worry about finding a good job.

comprehensive knowledge of SEO

chain is only part of the SEO, the site SEO overall optimization and a lot of knowledge

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