618 crazy grab passion staged thunder to make money to reproduce the myth of reproduction Jingdong

really did not expect more money grab treasure who take license plate than Shanghai! "The morning of June 18th, Jingdong has staged platform after a fierce battle thunder money treasure, a netizen in Shanghai on the occasion of the smoke did not retreat in the Jingdong thunder money treasure sales page so rhetorically.rom.

Reservation page data from Jingdong

and panic buying thunder money treasure, June 17th, money treasure finally fixed reservation number is 419346 people, nearly 420 thousand people participated in the first round of panic buying money treasure Jingdong on the same day, only 1 minutes and 33 seconds, all the money treasure is being robbed "a space, the second round of panic buying in the next day 38 seconds to refresh seconds empty record.


"618 Kuangqiang" record 420 thousand seconds "staged passion record

"6.18" has become the hottest Jingdong landmark shopping season, but this year, thunder money treasure let the Jingdong "618 Kuangqiang" one day in advance to 17 staged, at 9:50 in the morning, nearly 420 thousand people in after only 1 minutes and 33 seconds of the same commodity is panic buying exhausted, the next 38 seconds to success refresh this record. This means that in order to make money in the next wave of Taobao to raise the public to raise the myth of all the people, once again in the Jingdong platform set a record of 420 thousand people at the same time spike.

and Taobao before the congregation to raise the limited pre-sale mode is different, the first time to make money through the sale of a large volume of Jingdong reservation sales. June 1st to June 16th, all users can make an appointment by making money treasure Jingdong reservation page, and from 17 to 19 days in a row to participate in the purchase of money treasure for 3 consecutive days. After all the congregation to raise Taobao limited spike, the volume of the appointment of the Jingdong and up to 3 days of buying time, so that users to buy money to buy treasure enthusiasm unprecedented release.

in addition, sincerity is too much thunder for the sale of the preparation of a variety of preferential programs also added a fire spike. In addition to the extra each successful user, an ultra-thin flat cable thunder platinum membership service for 7 days and ten thousand pieces of crystal ore, although the price of 158 yuan is not high, but in order to make up with all the chips before the price difference, the thunder also provides up to 24 of the interest free installment scheme, and combined use of Jingdong the ious payment service, to provide users without paying a penny the money treasure to buy a home service.

Road Sales high profit and full energy "power grab"

Since the end of April, since the release of

into the market in less than 2 months time, money treasure all the way to the hot end, and through seckill. A Jingdong in the 420 thousand people at the same time the arrogant performance before seckill, money treasure is early a month before the end of Taobao all the chips, and a 7 round of upshift seckill seconds empty time and the highest, lowest second time were only 10 seconds, 2 minutes and 50 seconds, with amazing hot sales of the accumulative time less than 5 minutes of record. Behind this, 7*24 hours of money to make money to make money and ultra high income for its full sales to the city

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