How to put the small and single living dead

is engaged in sales, and dealing with people, and dealing with people, we must study the laws of human nature, or denial of how to explain? Users had to speak with me, he said: "Zhang Gong, I will be particularly strong, the more people will reject me, I’ll welcome Yuezhanyueyong, I refused," it is the spirit of ah Q. I thought: This is not the case, is what? When the customer refuses to us, how we should look at their psychology? We must be clear: the customer refused, where customers refused to appear, what is the reason.


has three rules, the first rule is called selective cognition, the second rule is called exclusion, the third law is in pursuit of goals, the blind can be opened, what is the goal? —- the joy and pain, so, for most of the sales people, also has two goals, one is to good enough, one is to say through pain.

sales is dealing with people, is a process of communication, so we must learn empathy, you can not be blindly optimistic, you think about customers to understand, but in fact he did not understand, we do the sales people to think about what we can solve problems for customers, welcomed by customers because, all of our sales are based on customer service, if you just want to: I want to sell something, I want to tell the customer to say things, then you, you will be a popular person.

if we can think of customers at any time, stand on the customer’s point of view, we can do a good job selling.

in the sales process, there are two Guan Jian, one is planning, the two is communication.

in the planning, one is to determine the ideal customer, we say there is a sales funnel, the funnel above is our group of prospective customers, we screened after the drain down is our customers good quality, good quality customers through our communication after a turnover of customers.


in the sales process, in the process of screening, in the judgment of good quality customers in the process, which is not good to know what customers need, to know what customers are being put off, to know which need further contact. "People are afraid to meet the tree, so afraid of scalping" contact telephone talk through, will meet with him, talk to him if the meeting is not so good, just like those around him with, which are likely to bring opportunities to turn back.

so that we can often put some dead single work, put some small big, because we stand in the customer point of view to consider the issue of.

sharp is the trick.

sales sentiment: there is such a characteristic of human nature, love the pursuit of happiness and avoid suffering sales is a man of business, so we need to understand the psychology, to understand "people the pursuit of happiness and avoid suffering such a law.

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