Look at the 100 most popular B2C sites in the United States in the past 09 years

In this paper,

was recorded in 2009 100 B2C the most popular sites in the United States, summarize them in Internet retailing is how to motivate the customer, customer retention, customer service, and a lot of successful experience in how to keep in touch with customers outside the site.

Don Davis: "if this paper can draw a conclusion, that is: the success of e-commerce is not only to have a powerful website, but to maximize the use of the Internet to connect consumers whenever and wherever possible."

the story of the 100 leading B2C Internet retailers in this article has given many innovative examples over and over again:

they broke the traditional site restrictions, retailers began selling through mobile phones and TV; they are called sprites (Mini practical client, interact through a desktop client program. They build social networks and connect consumers through social networking sites (as part of their daily lives).

in the United States in the tenth year of the annual certification of electronic commerce, the emergence of a number of outstanding retailers, they explain how to make the site to establish a relationship with consumers another channel. Communication with consumers is usually done by phone, e-mail, or even in the store in a face-to-face manner. Of course, the site itself has a lot of innovation, so that the site looks more beautiful, easy to use, more information.

look at the MartinAndOsa.com package section. This shop in the video called model full of life, leisure casual style, leading the American Eagle company brand fashion, when you want to watch carefully when they went away.

go to MaxFurniture.com again. Where shoppers can use the mouse to click on behalf of each direction button to view the photo map, you can click on the picture zoom slider.

goes to visit Oakley.com, where you can see the world through different types of sunglasses lenses;

or SamAsh.com virtual music studio, consumers can put their interest in the musical instrument in a logical unit, and then click on each picture in order to compare their voices.

Each function of

e-commerce website is strengthening. B2C site search results are no longer just provide a list of products. BabyAge.com in the search results page to add a thumbnail of the product, Avon.com includes customer reviews.

many B2C retail sites allow visitors to filter products through price, color or brand. But some websites do better:

can choose the child’s personality type in LandofNod.com shoppers (such as adventurers, not so mad scientists, etc.), see are suitable for.

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