Liu Qiangdong open individual WeChat public document why Jingdong has been fighting

DoNews May 26th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) today, the Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong WeChat launched its personal public numbers, and released the first article, sharing his thought of long-term strategic development of the Jingdong.

WeChat public number to Liu Qiangdong in the name of its profile shows that the public number is mainly used to share with you the Jingdong’s information and entrepreneurial insights, together with the exchange of food and reading experience."

in the first article, Liu Qiangdong reviewed the development of small counters from Zhongguancun to today, Jingdong has been fighting. Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong to cause so much is not law-abiding is not a Jingdong, the pursuit of short-term interests of the company, "a security is not safe, immediate success is always a great success, the company should have a long-term strategic vision, and the successful implementation."

at the end of the article, I recommend Liu Qiangdong to his new book "Liu Qiangdong readme: I business model".

had a lot of CEO, WeChat opened a personal public numbers, such as millet CEO Lei Jun, chairman of Qihoo 360, Zhou Hongyi, cheetah CEO Fu Sheng etc.. (end)

attached to Liu Qiangdong WeChat public article:

is very pleased to be here to talk with you, today I want to talk about my long-term strategic development of Jingdong.


Jingdong from a small counter to today, to the outside world feel we have been fighting, has been developing new field, some people say Jingdong are so great, why is not law-abiding? In fact, Jingdong has been in the pursuit of lasting security, has been in the implementation of a long-term strategy of Jingdong. Often between long-term strategy and short-term interests contradiction, if an enterprise to pursue short-term interests and not dare to invest, no ambition, no dream, this company is ignorant, sad and stupid. I have always believed that a moment of security is not safe, immediate success does not mean that forever success, a great company should have a long-term strategic vision, and the successful implementation of.

every year I emphasize the importance of long-term strategy to our employees in Jingdong, do not look at the pros and cons of a city, but also not to cater to some views to do short-term behavior. Jingdong must have a long-term strategic planning, a long-term security strategy allows Jingdong, and down-to-earth to implement.

Jingdong is the largest electricity supplier self style B2C Chinese, but our Jingdong the pursuit of never stop there, not a single mode to provide a full range of services to our customers, if we do not invest in the layout for tomorrow, five years after the company will no longer be proud and excited.

so I decided in 2013, after every year, companies must invest in a new business, not a small investment, there must be a great investment, the investment will be three years or even five years later can really create income for the group.

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