The 357 group purchase website last month closed group purchase industry continues to slimming swell

as a whole to further expand the scale at the same time, group purchase industry continues to "slimming swelling", according to the group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, last month and 357 group purchase site closed or transformation.

thin buy after the rise of the health industry, 1 billion 730 million yuan, 112 thousand – last month, the domestic market to buy the market turnover and the number of open group a new record high. So far, the first quarter of this year to buy a total turnover of 4 billion 510 million yuan, equivalent to last year’s turnover of $41%. After six months of shuffling adjustment, buy the industry in March this year, gradually recovering from the cold." Buy Consumer experts Hu Chen said that from the current growth momentum, this year is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan to buy the industry market size. And the overall situation of the country, last month, Tianjin group turnover of 48 million 138 thousand yuan, a decline of 2.2%.

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