The battle for the footwear business flow saw the potential value of personal webmaster

              B2C shoe giant marriage contributed to the flow change

if the success mode of American group purchase website Groupon become the object of domestic group purchase websites competing to imitate it, then the United States footwear giant B2C Zappos’s success for many domestic entrepreneurs eager to become Chinese Zappos. At present, the domestic Internet giants have vied for B2C footwear and footwear, marriage business, is the value of the market prospects for the future. Footwear B2C will set off a war without smoke.

B2C the current domestic footwear market can be said to be melee pattern, forming a quadrupedal situation. Giant shares and investment in footwear electricity supplier. Tencent to inject good music to buy Baidu, BELLE teamed up together to create shoes excellent shopping network, the Alibaba to veoshoesshoes invested $15 million. On the other hand, cautious attitude has been self reliant and Lok Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba intimate contact, spread gossip". Flow for footwear B2C means potential orders, sales. And how to achieve a higher conversion rate is the largest number of electricity suppliers to compete in the footwear industry. Marriage with the giants, one would like to marry a willing to marry. For the giants, you can expand their electricity supplier business, improve the ability to resist risks, to build a super B2C platform to lay the foundation. As for the footwear electricity supplier, marriage means higher traffic, while the integration of giant resources, bringing a lot of money into the flow and broaden the flow of entrance and marketing channels to promote the flow conversion rate is increased. To speed up the flow to improve the conversion from quantitative to qualitative, rather than the price war drive down the cost of the effect to more effective.

according to Analysys International data show that in July 2011 Chinese footwear B2C website traffic rank: Le Amoy monthly U V was 11 million 590 thousand, ranked first; good music to buy monthly U V for 8 million 230 thousand, ranked second; excellent shopping network monthly U V was 1 million 330 thousand, ranked third; veoshoesshoes monthly U V was 1 million 10 thousand, ranked fourth. According to the professionals revealed several shoe B 2C chiefs are not more than 10 thousand single daily orders, the daily shipments should le Amoy real in the 8000 – 10000 single, good music to buy real shipments should be in 5000-6000. It can be seen that the order can be watered, but the flow is not false. In order to realize the flow to improve the conversion rate of flow to the user, realize the qualitative change, the domestic footwear B2C still has a long way to go, but the marriage will become more shoe best choice to improve the conversion rate of B2C.

small and medium business ready certain personal webmaster behind the value of

in a large shoe and electricity providers have the marriage at the same time, small and medium business is ready, intent on footwear B2C to make a difference. The Taobao mall as a platform for small and medium electricity providers gathered footwear, is playing an important role. Some small and medium footwear B2C have borrowed >

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