E mission network CEO Xu Wenhu we are not a dark horse

March 11th news, since the E mission network CEO Xu Wenhu high-profile blind expansion and can not save the future of the group buying site after the remarks, on the local buy site innovation and plagiarism debate ignited again. At the same time, until in the Southern China area "King" of the E group, as well as a dark horse, turned out, the mysterious team background and personal independence of conduct argument, also triggered speculation and discussion in the industry.

of the E group Xu Wenhu interview with the author, is the first exposure in the public view, the young people of Hongkong in the China Internet community is completely new, in business from him, with Hongkong, the United States and growing experience in the mainland business Chinese complex. E mission network since the line, Xu Wenhu has been showing his distinctive style of action.

and other network group purchase together North of Guangzhou, E group chose to second tier city for the battlefield, "Chinese, first-tier cities and Hongkong, now the pace of life in New York as fast as users receive information even more complicated. For new things to receive fast, discard the fast. The second tier cities are now spending less than tier cities, due to price, cost of living and other factors, the user’s disposable income is even higher. More consumer time and word of mouth communication efforts, more human touch and user stickiness, we have the advantage, will be in this round of expansion of the wave after the show." In first-tier cities group purchase intense battle of the moment, 58, handle network, glutinous rice nets and other first tier sites have said, will enter the two or three line of the city, and Xu Wenhu’s "the countryside surrounds the city" route, has quietly engulfed the second city of big half of the country.

March, the United States Mission network announced the introduction of expired refund, to solve the problem of overdue orders. At this time, E group on the disposal of expired refund announcement has been hanging on the home page for a long time. Xu Wenhu said, we do not feel that the refund service is a kind of progress, which is the basic guarantee of the interests of users, from the very beginning we have taken into account this.

E group has always been low-key suddenly dark horse turned out group purchase force, attracted the attention of the thatjoint investment. When asked about the problem of financing, but Xu Wenhu laughed: first, we are not financing the agenda; second, we are not black. Xu Wenhu said, zero difference and copycat is the biggest bottleneck in the development of the local group purchase website, like a swarm of bees pursuit expansion and extensive advertising strategies may bring traffic growth, but in the new customers coming at the same time, the old customer is lost. More than 1 years of development of the industry, large and small local buy site has always copied the Groupon model, there is no essential breakthrough and innovation. When the first echelon of the industry began to reflect on and debate this issue, the E group has quietly blueprint for the future of the road was completed and began to implement the.

E group’s biggest advantage is that I do not start the internet." Xu Wenhu said, so in his eyes, the line experience and resource integration is more important than the number of users and traffic. With >

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