Third party platform to sell drugs in case of policy robbery Listen to Tmall senior pharmacy

[Abstract] these days, Tmall Medical Museum "reorganized" halt "the news everywhere, and the common mode of the third party platform Shop No. 1, eight hundred party also came will face the risk of being halted. Is rendered out of the policy crisis, whether business or platform are simmering.

businesses to increase self B2C investment, the platform tries to self, become the two most obvious trend in the policy of pharmaceutical electricity supplier trends. And these two trends really represent the correct trend of pharmaceutical electricity supplier?. Billion state power network with a number of pharmaceutical business platform, businesses learned to communicate, both for the food and drug administration policy, or to the pharmaceutical business model selection, their attitudes are not the same.

"ban" is devastating? Not exactly

noted billion state power network, the current Tmall pharmaceutical drugs can still be a normal trading hall. Some businesses have revealed that the food and drug administration requires Tmall medical center in the end of June to complete the rectification, that is, the platform and businesses have a month or so to adjust the time.

so, once Tmall Medical Museum officially adjusted, there will be many pharmaceutical business affected? Provide some data to support the "2015 China smartfortune first pharmacy pharmaceutical business development report". The report shows that in fiscal year 2015, the total amount of the total amount of Tmall pharmaceutical store turnover of $4 billion 740 million (including medical equipment, health care products, contact lenses and other non drug), accounting for more than half of the online pharmaceutical retail market share. This means that, on the platform of more than and 200 online pharmacies will be more or less to face adjustment, and many of them will be Tmall as the "lifeline" of the drugstore.


in 2015 in the Tmall medical center sales of the top pharmacy

for this adjustment will face, most pharmacies expressed a wait-and-see attitude to billion state power network, said to continue to wait for the policy clear, at the same time will cooperate with Tmall to do business adjustment, such as transactions to cash on delivery mode.

also has a number of pharmaceutical electricity supplier (such as the German open online pharmacies, one large pharmacy, etc.) said that because of its main battlefield is not in Tmall, so this adjustment will not cause too much impact. Liu Lifeng, general manager of the Department of medicine as a general manager of the electricity supplier, said Tmall flagship store accounted for only 10% of the proportion of the overall sales hall electricity supplier.

of course, there are pharmaceutical electricity supplier to adjust the expression of an optimistic attitude. Shanghai Road extension pharmaceutical chairman Ma Jian believes that the impact of Tmall Medical Museum to a certain extent by the media and industry exaggerated. He gives two judgments:

first, he believes that FDA will formulate policies to adapt to the development of the future, the possibility of completely shut the door of the platform is small; second, even if Tmall Medical Museum now faces business adjustment (such as stop online transactions, to cash on delivery), nor to taking home a devastating impact, because the drug is after all just, because consumers will not pay Party.

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