Zhuang Shuai analysis Taobao large logistics plan in three mountains

Taobao’s big logistics plan in June 12, 2010 officially launched before the Dragon Boat Festival, to cross shop, cross regional multiple online shopping, a receipt, just pay a freight." To enter the logistics industry as the basic point of interest. At this point, the Ali group involved in the business including: electronic commerce platform (B2B, B2C, C2C), a number of areas, online payment portal, SNS, software, financial credit, logistics, the electronic commerce strategy increasingly clear, from the beginning of the information flow and capital flow to the full range of logistics penetration.

had heard of such a sentence "for large enterprises, the best strategy is to wait for rival mistakes", this sentence for 2009~2010 years occurred in several large Internet companies who have a more profound experience.

such as Baidu C2C, Baidu HI, YAHOO China (mailbox), Taobao Ali Mama, this is worth several failures Study hard and think in the past two years, these cases have a very significant feature, that is overconfidence for their own resources, to other industries or the market is not enough understand the causes, this article is mainly due to the successful implementation of Taobao logistics plan analysis problem, so we do not discuss these failures.

it is said that Taobao logistics plan failures too early, after all, Ma is in any case will not easily admit defeat, up to make some adjustments, to replace a concept, change the face and adjust the direction to continue to operate. After all, relying on the millions of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual sellers, any failure can be easily converted to success, such as the original Ali mother established early on to become "Chinese a whoop and a holler’s largest online advertising sales platform, the establishment of a network of advertising deals" taobao.com". I remember at the end of 2007, in line with the mom after taobao.com shielding Baidu announced the first half of the year, watching the busy mom, I wrote two articles "Ali mother is Ma Yun’s garden or shelter? (a) (two)" in operation for nearly three years, but the incorporation of "big Taobao" strategy, in 2010 changed its name to Taobao Taobao alliance, service in the vast number of sellers, propaganda "Taobao off business, but recently was also China Internet gangster – Baidu, Sina have a large number of blocked. Why Taobao should start the logistics plan, I also specifically wrote: "there is no guarantee business leader, taobao.com start logistics plan" is analyzed, interested friends can be understand.

Taobao’s big logistics plan will eventually become what, based on the limited understanding of the logistics field, it is difficult to make expectations and judgments. But because of the actual work in the logistics problems, have cut skin to experience, so for Taobao logistics plan successfully will meet what three mountains, do a simple analysis, here for discussion:

the first mountain: logistics base: in accordance with the strategic deployment of Taobao, this work is basically the form of outsourcing, that is, Taobao money, the cooperation of the logistics company output (construction and management)

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