Lin Daliang seize the WeChat is to seize the tail of the nternet

is the co-founder of WeChat sea, Lin Daliang, President of the European Academy of Sciences published a new trend of social media marketing as the theme of the speech record:

(pictured as co-founder of WeChat sea, Lin Daliang, Dean of the European Institute)

Lin Daliang: you guys, good morning. The first to introduce our company, our company is China especially early WeChat marketing, WeChat third party platform, now hatch WeChat sea platform, WeChat provides third party software for traditional enterprise marketing. Second of us for the traditional enterprise directly bring fans pay according to the effect, the third we do not understand the special training WeChat marketing white and some business owners. Finally, we help traditional enterprises to do based on the WeChat side of the overall communication as well as creative ideas and operations. We are best at the effect.

today said the new trend of social media marketing theme, the WeChat in the end, everyone from 2012 to now a lot of people to understand WeChat public platform are 100% mistakes, because we found that from 2012 August to 2015 WeChat public platform it has been very difficult for us to see which companies do WeChat public platform particularly successful. No, in the entire mobile terminal, the mobile Internet side we want to achieve our ultimate results if we do the traditional marketing, do our new era of marketing to tell the truth no effect is speculation.

throughout the WeChat side we bring to the real effect of the enterprise, in particular, the traditional enterprise has a formula, the end result of our WeChat is equal to the flow of the conversion rate multiplied by the hatching rate. WeChat has eight hundred million users, but in WeChat’s eight hundred million users are loyal users of the 450 million. The traditional enterprises with WeChat is not simply to achieve the effect of the spread of us is more important, how do we get traffic, how to put the cash flow? We found on the mobile Internet, mobile Internet is the real source of traffic in the mobile Internet traffic sources have 72% sets in our social software applications, WeChat accounted for 85%, us take the WeChat mobile Internet is to catch the tail.

in WeChat we want to carry out marketing, what is the most important traditional media is I say you listen to, the new media is I said you listen to you can not listen to, is the fans economy. I hear you say you can not listen, but consumers say we must listen to the fans, because now is a fan of the king of the times, we want to do a fan Wang era, WeChat in the end we achieve the final effect, the conversion rate of passenger flow by loading rate, to achieve seamless connection between the interactive flow of our highest frequency with our audience and audience of consumers. 55% mobile phone users love communication interactive terminal in WeChat, WeChat in the end whether we see BMW, Head and Shoulders and so on, is the realization of interaction with a circle of friends. Why a lot of traditional enterprises to hold the public account of the thigh but did not succeed, because the WeChat side of the entire flow is not on the WeChat function account, where?. A lot of people do not look at the circle of friends for two minutes on the itch, and the WeChat circle

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