Foreign media rendering China’s anti terrorism law draft trade protection color

Global Times reported that the western media generally interpret the provisions of China’s anti-terrorism law on high-tech enterprises as a trade protection". Reuters reported that China has removed a number of the world’s leading technology brands from the government procurement list, including CISCO, apple, etc.. Although China formulated anti-terrorism law is also effective in domestic and foreign enterprise, but with new banking regulations and the recent intensive antitrust investigation, foreign companies in China seems to have been more unfair regulatory pressure".

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported earlier this week, U.S. trade representative and Secretary of state Kerrey, the Minister of Commerce Plitz grams, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lu · 4 cabinet officials jointly to Chinese government to protest China banks to strengthen financial information security whole new regulations, and asked the government to cancel China restrictions, so that foreign enterprises of science and technology in China sensitive industry.

in Obama before the fierce China position, U.S. officials and business groups have on the draft China anti-terrorism law protest, saying the law "or the foreign technology companies out of the market Chinese", aims to curb the competitors, strong domestic science and technology industry. "Forbes" magazine said, "Chinese insecurity seems to spark a new trade war imminent".

Director of the anti-terrorism Research Center

Chinese Institute of contemporary international relations Li Wei 3 of the "Global Times" said that China itself is an important part of current globalization, require these companies to do some of their own also needs to be done, not for they closed our doors, but let them integrate into the Chinese, is "a reflect the national treatment". Moreover, the requirements of the anti-terrorism law for domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, not discriminatory policies.

New York Times analysis, China’s Internet users are two times the United States, China’s local technology companies in terms of size and ability to grow. On how to deal with Chinese, not eager to share the cake of American companies. China has taken advantage of this over the past ten years. A few years ago, Chinese requires the data stored in the China, American companies knowingly "protest". But Microsoft or in 2012 surrender, with a local company in China, followed by IBM, Amazon and apple have followed suit. Most of the American Technology Corp are taking care of the steel wire, while trying to get Beijing’s favor, but also urged the U.S. government to express their dissatisfaction. [Global Times correspondent in the United States Liao Zhengjun Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki Global Times reporter Su Jingfeng Guochuan]

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