The transformation of electronic commerce Capriccio triggered a business investment Hengda Alibaba

introduction: on the morning of 6.5, the investment community a marriage of shocking, Alibaba to 1 billion 200 million yuan, achieved a 50% stake in Hengda football. The Asian Club Football overlord Hengda and the Internet giant in the field of "flash marriage".

Ali Wangwang

e-commerce platform, the traditional enterprise Hengda football line, the combination of the two cooperation have let small cause some reverie. Ali Wangwang is China e-commerce heavyweights, Hengda and the cooperation is bound to have a big trade business. Hengda has been able to choose and Ali cooperation, the emphasis is on the popularity of Ali, the Internet is different from the hardware, software development, technical threshold is not high, visibility and operational capacity of the enterprise is the threshold.

from Hengda itself is a traditional enterprise, there are also many of its derivatives industry chain, recently appeared in the audience’s eyes Hengda ice fountain, not all natural water is good water, Hengda ice fountain, the world three excellent water, we are not handling the surface water, is 30 million years of deep forests of Changbai Mountain volcano mineral. Hengda ice spring this is the public Tucao as disgusting advertising words appear in the outdoor advertising, online media advertising, television advertising, etc.. Hengda caught the popular channel of current sales, to hype the media through the network platform, products in the market before the sale, marketing activities are indispensable.

at present, Hengda ice fountain marketing effect has been achieved, the next step is to enter the market to sell, as e-commerce business Alibaba, owned by, Tmall and other electronic business platform has China most large retail capacity through sold drinks, can put together a lot of laps around the earth. Obviously, Hengda and Ali cooperation, is also about to drive sales of other industries hengda.

of course why Hengda and Ali cooperation, which is a lot of reasons, small series just from the perspective of e-commerce, the above analysis of the event is to see e-commerce into the traditional enterprise is inevitable fruit. Tmall double eleven billions of dollars of sales, are ready to let the boss want to join the business, enterprises to enter the electricity business, like buying a house of Feng Shui, operate their own traditional enterprises are suitable for


business owners to change the concept of

business and traditional business concept is different, the process of transformation of enterprise boss to learn to change the concept, the development of e-business in the traditional enterprise is bound by the traditional enterprise relevant person in charge of the impact of marketing and management act, the relevant departments not to challenge the development of traditional enterprises. The idea of doing e-commerce is a very important leadership, there is no good idea in the time to do e-commerce tend to be in the future when the direction of e-commerce.

enterprise products suitable for network sales

product is the soul of an enterprise, your products are suitable for online selling? This is the main problem to be considered before the enterprise restructuring the electricity supplier, not all products are suitable for the logistics industry chain, some products are only suitable for.

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