From room reservation to dog theory

the end of last month I went to Beijing, because in different places to work, stay a few days are not the solution to the nearest hotel accommodation, including friends arrangement, has its own online shopping. One night I see the public comment a price and distance are suitable housing, click into the future, Ctrip is information, login to Ctrip after registering page prompts to connect a credit card when booking deposit, booking as soon as possible in order to follow the instructions after all.

the reservation is completed, called voice to ask the customer service and the specific location of the room, the other answer make a surprise, the location of the hotel was in the southeast of the city of Victoria, 20 kilometers away from my place, but I see it only a few hundred meters in the public comment. Time is already very late, I do not want to toss, and finally in the distance from the subway entrance less than 100 meters to find a small hotel, as the conditions do not describe. Wash finished, lie down after thinking before the hotel deposit, see if you can apply for a refund, open again to see Ctrip tips, even if not to stay margin has been unable to return, the problem is that when the payment margin did not suggest that


I didn’t call customer service phone, because I know that this deposit is certainly not return back, Ctrip customer service and hotel will use a variety of reasons to stall before my brother for 5 minutes and where the network debate a few days, the other to show the top, eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. That is to say, in Chinese Internet, enterprises have the user experience and service are nonsense, the key moment is still interest first, too many Chinese, they do not care about you a small role.

This thing if

think about it, I wouldn’t say it is public comment and Ctrip unsavory business, but I still admire from the navigation error to guide the product deposit such logic, or there may be a Baidu map of the mistakes, as will the joint show, only they know. But no matter how the psychology of consumers, Ctrip is still very good, because the margin can be guaranteed to maximize the interests of the hotel, but where is the interests of consumers?

in fact, before someone with business logic I said customers with dogs, perhaps the central idea is "customer is the dog, how to hold to go", so I went to the logical thinking for a long time, this is a general logic, but a product was detonated, turned out to grab, how do you charge free also, do not control what the customer and service first, buy or not, even while the number of money over dark scold TM customers really cheap, not the customers when people see, but can still succeed;

The second argument

of this theory is that I should meet, diandaqike is normal, I just buckle your security, is not returned to you, how can you? You have the ability to sue me, sue to find the relationship between money, enough to toss, how is you this mentality I often. This means that, in this case, I also made a

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